Zhiyun-Tech - ZW-B02 Palcový ovládač

Diaľkový palcový ovládať pre modely Zhiyun Rider-M, Crane, Crane-M, Smooth-2, Smooth-3 a Smooth-Q.

Viac podrobností

45,00 € s DPH

37,50 € bez DPH

Dostupnosť: Na externom sklade (do 4 - 5 dní)


Nový produkt

MODE Button: Switches between gimbal control modes (works like the MODE button on the stabilizer).​

Power/Shutter (Dual-function button): Power on/off the remote controller by pressing the Power button for 1s to 2s, the indicator light will turn on/off accordingly. When gimbal is connected with camera, under camera mode, half-press for focusing, fully press the shutter button for shooting images; quickly double-press (fully press down) to switch between video recording function and photographed function.​

Power Button + Shifter Lever: Push the Shifter Lever in W direction simultaneously when powering up to enter Slave Mode. This allows firmware upgrade of the remote controller through mobile APP (requires Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone using Zhiyun Assistant).

Power Button + MODE Button: Press the MODE Button simultaneously when powering up to operate quick pairing with nearest stabilizer. Joystick: Controls camera movement. Shifter Lever: Allows focusing control of the camera.


Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 100mA
Theoretical Work Time: ≥30hr
Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery Capacity: 150mAh
Emission and received current: 11.9mA
Operating Current: 4.2mA
Effective Control Distance: 10m/394Inch(Without Blockage)

Bluetooth Indicator

No Connection: Continuous flashing
Connected: Shines solid light
Power Level Indicator
90%-100%: Quick Flash for 4 times each second
75%-90%: Quick Flash for 3 times each second
55%-75%: Quick Flash for 2 times each second
30%-55%: Quick Flash once each second
0%-30%: Quick Flashing

Charging Indicator

Charging: RED Light
Charging Complete: GREE Light


1 * Wireless Remote Controller
1 * Micro USB Cable
1 * Mounting Buckle
1 * PERGEAR Cleaning Cloth

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